Residential Parking Permit Registration Department

The Palisades Park Permit Registration Division is located at 275 Broad Avenue, Palisades Park NJ, and the business hours are Monday through Friday 9 AM to 4:30 PM. The Registration Department is responsible for the review and processing of all parking permit applications and works under the direction of Palisades Park Traffic Enforcement. Contact us at [email protected]

When you are planning to move to the Borough of Palisades Park, it is advisable to begin the process of making the updates to your documentation prior to your move date. Most updates can be done online or by phone. With proper planning, all the required documentation can be updated before you move in.

Vehicles with temporary license plates do not require a parking permit but must apply as soon as the regular plates, registration and insurance cards are received. If an application is in Pending Approval status, a visitor pass is required.

Parking Permit Overview

Any vehicle that parks on the streets of Palisades Park between the hours of 12 AM and 9 AM Monday through Friday is required to have a Parking Permit, whether it is a Residential Permit or a paid visitor pass. All applications for a Residential Parking Permit must meet with the following requirements:

  1. License/Registration, and Insurance must reflect the resident’s current Palisades Park address (the online MVC update is accepted along with valid license and registration)
  2. Insurance must reflect the resident’s Palisades Park address
  3. Proof of Residence must reflect the resident vehicle owner’s current Palisades Park address
  4. Motorcycles are required to register for a parking permit

Click for a list of the required and accepted documents needed to obtain a Residential Parking Permit.

The cost for a Residential Permit is $20 per vehicle for a period of two years from the date of issuance. Permits approved and paid for prior to January 1 2022 will go into effect starting January 1st 2022 and expire two years later on January 1 2024. All permits applied for after January 1st 2022 will be valid once approved and paid for.

Purchase a Palisades Park Residential Parking Permit

All applications for Palisades Park Residential Parking Permits are submitted online at (insert website address) through any device that connects to the internet, such as a smart phone (iPhone or Android), iPad, Tablet or computer. If you are applying from a computer, make sure you have copies of your documents saved to your hard drive so you can upload them when requested. If you do not have a device of your own, a family member or friend can assist you with the permit registration. It is always best to apply online as this gives the flexibility to submit an application, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The required documentation will be uploaded into the web portal and applications are processed by the Parking Registration Division in the order in which they are received.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are awaiting permit approval or if you apply outside of normal business hours, a Visitor Pass is required to avoid a summons

Permit Types

Residential Parking Permit: A residential Parking Permit is required for any vehicle that parks on any street in the Borough of Palisades Park between 12 am and 9 am Monday through Friday. All required documentation must be uploaded into the parking program to be reviewed and approved by the Parking Registration Department before any permits are validated. Emails regarding the status of your account are automatically generated by the Web Portal when a permit is approved or denied and are sent to the email address provided by the applicant. If your permit application is denied, an email will be sent with an explanation and reason for denial and the steps needed to correct any deficiency in the permit.

An approved permit will receive an email stating that the application is “approved and not valid until payment is made.” At this time click the link in the email that returns you to the ( webpage, where you will log into your account. Follow the instructions to make a payment.

Visitor Pass: Visitor Passes are used for any vehicle that does not have an active permit in the Parking Program and need to be parked on Borough streets during the hours of 12 am to 9 am Monday through Friday.

Some of the reasons to purchase a visitor pass are:

  • An overnight guest
  • A rental vehicle
  • Any vehicle that is not registered and insured to a resident of Palisades Park
  • People who submit an application after normal business hours (nights and weekends) or any application pending approval
  • Residents who do not have all documentation required for a resident permit

There are two types of Visitor Passes available:

  1. Daily Visitor Pass- A visitor pass used by guests who need to park on Borough streets for a short period of time. Visitor passes must be purchased for each vehicle that needs to park overnight Monday through Friday. Daily Visitor Passes are limited to 10 per vehicle per month. If a longer pass is needed a monthly pass must be purchased after limit of daily passes is reach for a specific vehicle. The cost for a Daily Visitor Pass is $8.00.
  2. Monthly Visitor Pass- A visitor pass used by vehicles that need to park on Borough streets for more than 10 days during each month or by residents of Palisades Park who do not have the proper documentation to receive a Residential Parking Permit. The cost of a Monthly Visitor Pass is $175.00

Change Request: Adding Vehicles to an Active Account

During the course of the two-year Residential Parking Permit, residents may purchase a new vehicle. Residents will be allowed to transfer over there permit to their new vehicle. Once transferred to the new vehicle the remaining time on the permit from the previous vehicle will be transferred to the new vehicle and the new vehicle will be valid until the end of the original permit period.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Permit Parking Registration

I will be moving to Palisades Park. How can I obtain a Residential Parking Permit?

I will be moving to Palisades Park. How can I obtain a Residential Parking Permit?

When you are moving to Palisades Park, it is advised to begin making the updates to your documentation prior to your move date. Most updates can be done online or by phone and with proper planning, all required information can be in order prior to your move in date.

How do I apply for a Palisades Park Residential Parking Permit?

An application must be submitted online at ( to be approved for a Residential Parking Permit, all information must reflect the Palisades Park address. When you enter your license plate number, make sure it is entered correctly. Any error may cause a summons to be issued. Do Not use spaces or dashes when entering your plate number.

What if I don’t have everything I need for a Residential Parking Permit? Is there a temporary pass?

Anyone who does not have a valid registered parking permit must purchase a daily visitor pass each day the vehicle is to be parked on Borough streets from 12 AM to 9 AM Monday to Friday. If a person needs to park on Borough streets for more than 10 days they must purchase a monthly visitor pass.

I have Temporary License Plates. Do I need to purchase an overnight permit?

There is no need purchase a visitor with temporary plates. Temporary License Plates DO NOT require an overnight permit provided they have not expired. You must apply for a permit as soon as your regular plates are received. Note that if your plates are received after business hours or on a weekend, an overnight permit would be required to park on the street. If you already have an active account, you will add your vehicle to the account and purchase the proper permit. If there is no active account for your household, you must submit a new application at (

How can I change my license and registration? Do I have to go to the MVC?

If you are moving within the State of New Jersey, most motor vehicle updates can be done online by going to the NJMVC website. Under Driver Information, click Change of Address and follow the instructions. Print or screenshot the Confirmation Page at the end of the procedure. Note that if the vehicle is registered to you, the registration will also be updated when you submit the online address change. When you apply for a parking permit, you will upload the confirmation of address change, along with your valid license, in the Driver’s License field. A valid registration must also be uploaded in the Registration field.

My car is leased. How can I change the registration?

When you have a leased vehicle, the registration itself will not change as the leasing company is listed as the registered owner. Your name and address will most likely be on another part of the registration card. There is no need to have a new registration issued. A copy of the leasing agreement may be requested along with the actual registration.

I moved from another state. Do I have to change my license and registration?

You will need to obtain a NJ license and registration. Information for registering a vehicle from another state can be found on the NJ MVC website under DRIVER LICENSE / ID, then select Transfer from Out-of-State.

My insurance card still has my old address? Do I have to change it?

Yes, your insurance needs to be updated to the Palisades Park address. Contact your insurance company by phone or submit an online address change request. You can upload a declarations page or a document showing proof of address change, along with your valid insurance card, in the Insurance Card field.

I just moved in and won’t get a bill for at least a month? What can I send for Proof of Residence?

For new residents, we accept a letter from PSE&G showing you as customer of record for this address, a bank letter reflecting the new address, an installation contract for Cable, Fios, Dish/DirectTV or something similar. Most new residents find it easiest to obtain a bank letter showing the new address. The document must show the resident vehicle owner’s name, address, and a current date.

My Application was approved and I made the payment to activate the permit. Do I need to put a sticker on my vehicle(s)?

There is nothing placed on the vehicles. All information is stored in the database, and the enforcement vehicles are equipped with cameras and computers that can read all the necessary information for the vehicle(s).

I submitted an application, but I still got a ticket. Why did this happen?

If an application is pending for approval, you would have to purchase an overnight permit to avoid a summons. b) If an application was denied, there is no active permit. An overnight permit is required. c) After an application has been approved, the permit is not automatically activated. The resident must log into their account to authorize the payment and activate the permit.

I was approved and paid the $20 to activate my permit, but I still got a ticket. Why did this happen?

The payment for activation may have been submitted after the summons was issued. b) The license plate was entered incorrectly.

I paid for a visitor pass but I still got a ticket. Why did this happen?

The visitor pass was purchased after the summons was issued. b) The license plate and/or state was entered incorrectly c) The ticket could have been issued for another parking violation